Rooms for meetings with real table

if you are looking for an elegant and well-equipped location available to rent a meeting room in Modica, Torre del Sud Hotel is ready for you. In fact, our Hotel provides a comfortable Business Centre, located on the hotel 's first floor. Here, there are our two meeting rooms and a comfortable office space.

Everything concerning the rent of a meeting room in Modica at Torre del Sud Hotel is managed by our Meeting&Events' manager. He takes care of the rooms'organization and will help you. If you need a personalized consultancy, or you have some specific requests, please don't hesitate to contact him.

You will get precise and punctual answers and clarify ideas regarding the events'managemens and organization. Furthermore, our Meeting&Events' manager is available to suggest additional logistic services that you may need, and to provide piece of advice for the post-congress phase. Torre del Sud Hotel offers the kitchen service, in order to have a lovely meeting. We are also available for coffee break and small buffet services. At the restaurant Al Carato you can enjoy our business breakfasts.

To simply the organization, we offer a list of company agreements. Our corporate prices are advantageous ones, this element will simplify your events even more.
​The Byzantine Room

Torre del sud Hotel, for meeting room rental in Modica,offers its Byzantine Room. It is a smaller than the Arabic one, and it can accommodate a maximum of 25 people around a real table. It is ideal for small meetings, or training courses. At the center of the room there is a functional table equipped with everything needed during a meeing.

The table is provided with internet access, so that each attendee can surf the internet without problems. Moreover, it is available everything needed to connect the 50 inches television and DVD installation, perfect to broadcast clips or connect the PC for Power Point presentations.
Modica meeting room rental