Restaurant “Al Carato”

Traditional Sicilian receipts

Torre del sud Hotel offers a restaurant of typical Iblei dishes in Modica thanks to its indoor Al Carato restaurant. Every single dish coming from our kitchens tells about our food's philosophy : it is nourishment for life itself first, and then for the body. It is symbol of care and attention toward other people and it gives rise to communication and social relations. That is why the staff puts its commitment and joy to every dish prepared.

The room can accommodate up to one-hundred-thirty people and everything is carefully cared in order to provide an elegant and peaceful atmosphere. The furniture is characterized by a refined and comfortable style that, together with the bistro-lights and a pleasant music, creates a relaxing atmosphere. For this reason, the restaurant “Al Carato” is the ideal place in which organize dinners and events, group dinners and business ones, light lunch and every type of buffet, and business breakfasts dedicated to special events.
The kitchen of the restaurant

The restaurant Al Carato offers an excellent and genuine cuisine, prepared only with fresh ingredients following the tradition. Each dish invites you to eat good and live good, with its unique flavors and ancient taste. Inside our restaurant there is no space for things such as the nouvelle cousine, these ways of cooking are superficial and mainly driven by fashion rather than taste.

Al Carato is a restaurant that offers the perfect mix of tradition and creativity. Our dishes are based on meat, fish and seafood coming from our territory, each one of them is wisely accompanied by the wine. We also guarantee vegetable-based dishes, that are cooked in a original and tasty way.

The restaurant Al Carato has a wide selection of the best local wines. Moreover, we offer typical oils and cheeses coming from our land. Every day the room Maitre elaborates a different menu depending on the ingredients availability. In addition to the menu à la carte, there is also the menu half-board.
Typical dishes Hyblaean Modica